Behind the Scenes at Sparrow Swap

Sparrow Swap couldn’t be possible without the nestbox monitors who are dedicated to collecting House Sparrow eggs and their observations.

But behind the scenes, there is another important group of people who keep Sparrow Swap running: a dedicated group of undergraduate interns.

Over the last three years 17 undergraduates from four different universities have been part of unpacking eggs, cutting eggs open, entering data, proofreading data, measuring eggshell thickness, writing blog posts.

This past weekend, four Sparrow Swap interns, Carol Gause, Kathryn Jewell, Heather Colter, Cole Parlier graduated from NC State! In addition, Destinee Parson, who cut open a lot of stinky eggs last fall graduated from Peace University.

Carol and Kathryn both went above and beyond as interns by receiving funding from the College of Natural Resources to be able to do an independent project within Sparrow Swap.

Carol, did her project looking at what happens to native birds nesting nearby following a removal. She also was hard at work exploring the potential to test the eggs for different contaminants.

Kathryn’s project looked at the differences in thickness across development stages and was recognized for having an outstanding poster!

Heather finished her internship with Sparrow Swap last summer and created a cart to tell visitors at the Museum of Natural Sciences about Sparrow Swap. She also wrote a blog post last summer about her experiences as a Sparrow Swap intern.

To learn more about the Sparrow Swap Team, check out our Team Page.