The Sparrow Swap project is a citizen-scientist driven study of the House Sparrows that colonize nest boxes, particularly those previously established by bluebirds. People who monitor nestboxes can collect house sparrows eggs and send them to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Participants can opt to participate in one of four levels:

  • Level 1: Collector- Send house sparrow eggs to the Museum
  • Level 2: Remover- Be a “Collector” and make follow-up visits
  • Level 3: Swapper- Be a “Collector”, swap in fake eggs, and make follow up visits
  • Level 4: Monitor- Be a “Swapper” or “Remover” and monitor neighboring boxes

Data collected from follow-up visits will help evaluate the effectiveness of house sparrow management strategies. The house sparrow eggs sent to the Museum will be photographed and analyzed to understand variation in color and speckling of house sparrow eggs across the United States. The eggs will eventually be analyzed for contaminants as part of research to determine whether house sparrow eggs are a useful indicator of human exposure to environmental contaminants.

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